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Welcome to the Queensland Wader Study Group Website

WADERS or shorebirds are a diverse group of wading birds that comprise 10% of Australia’s bird species.? Most are migrants from the northern hemisphere.? They make remarkable long-distance seasonal migrations and face numerous threats to their survival during these marathon journeys.

The Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG) was established in 1992 as a special interest group within Birds Queensland, to monitor wader populations in Queensland and to work towards their conservation.

The aim of this website is to share information about waders and QWSG’s activities with everyone interested in these special birds and to encourage participation in the conservation effort. Please see the “What’s New” page for details of Wader ID days, banding dates?and all our other activities.

We’re adding content all the time, so please come back if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or, E-mail the?Web Administrator if you have any requests or comments.

We’re also on Facebook @QueenslandWaderStudyGroup

If you want to?JOIN the group?or make a?DONATION the link here will show you how and give you access to a membership form. Details of our activities and what’s happening where can be found on this link and if your interested in reading our banding catch reports have a look here

STUDENTS please note that the group offer bursaries to help fund post graduate research, if you are interested in applying for a grant to support your studies please contact the Chairperson as we are accepting applications now.

For what’s happening over the next few months see our News page.

Please use the menu structure to navigate around the system or the site map and the forward and backward arrows in your browser as a navigation tool. The site map can be found here

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